In olden days money earning was a major task and a period there were very few opportunities to the people and many people do not have proper education level to shine in their occupation. But today ten in nine people are well educated and they hold a university degree and most of them are employed in companies and some people are self-employed and they able to gain profit out of their business. Thus the drastic change between the modern world and olden period is because of the introduction of technology, this is the main difference why people had improved in their lives.

The important invention of technology is the computer and the internet, the internet provides all major information to the people and it was being a medium for communication and for the business process. Thus by using it, people change their lives into a new and comfortable one, the internet has many websites each site belongs to different genres and it provides needed information to the people.

The websites on the internet can be accessed with the help of a search engine, it grasps the keyword we enter into it and gives the perfect match based on the keyword we enter on it. The internet has another main advantage in it that is social media, it is otherwise called as freedom medium where we have the freedom to write, speak and share any information with the people in public.

We can also discuss many social issues and other problems we face in the society, apart from we can also organize a fan club or community and share employment-related news and other interesting facts. Today most of the young people and employed communities are joining in the social media and gaining more information from it, the social media is not only for chatting or sharing information it is also for making money the process involved in making money is giving below.

What is social media and how can we use it?

There are many social networking websites present on the internet they are facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, MySpace, Instagram and etc. these social sites are commonly used for sharing information and for chatting with friends. People can open an account in it and based on their privacy level they can change the default settings in the site, it allows people to share information in public, private and only for friends so choose according to your desire. Once the account has been opened people can make friends easily and share their information among the friend’s group.

How to make money in social media?

The social networking sites like Facebook allow people to convert their personal account page into a business page using it we can share our business related information to the people and gather many customers. We can also sell our finished products on the page by linking our business website to it, the social networking site helps us to get more clients and customers easily.

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